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The Understudy


by David Nicholls

This is the new and fantastic romantic comedy from the author of the bestselling Starter for Ten. Full of Nicholl’s trademark style and humour, this asks what do you do when you’re playing second fiddle to an arrogant actor and, more importantly, falling in love with his wife?

For Josh Harper, being in show business means everything he ever wanted, money, fame, a beautiful wife, and a lead role on the London stage. For Stephen C McQueen on the other hand, it means a disastrous career playing passers-by and dead people. He’s stuck with an unfortunate name, a hopeless agent, a daughter he barely knows, and a job as understudy to Josh Harper. Things get even more difficult when Stephen falls in love with Josh’s clever, funny wife Nora. But might there yet be a way for Stephen to get his Big Break? The Understudy is a scintillating comedy of ambition, celebrity, jealousy, and love. In paperback at 11 euros.