The ultimate Thai steak

For you steak lovers out there, here is a recipe I tried with friends last weekend and really did get the thumbs up. I have to say I think I am going to be hooked on this way of cooking steak all this summer as it is so easy yet so tasty.

I know there is a lot of things in the media regarding sugar, but the brown sugar in this recipe really does achieve the right sweet and spicy taste that goes so well with the steak. I hope you like it.

For 4 people
■ 4 beef steaks, preferably rib-eye with the fat left on
■ 2 tbsp vegetable oil

■ 6 tbsp of good soy sauce
■ 4 tbsp hoisin sauce
■ 2 tbsp fish sauce
■ Half-cup of finely chopped onions – best to use shallots if you can
■ 6-7 minced garlic cloves
■ 1 fresh red chilli – leave out if you do not want heat
■ 8 tbsp soft brown sugar

1. Rinse steaks in cold water and set aside

2. Combine all the marinade ingredients in a flat baking dish or a bowl large enough to lay the steaks flat. Stir well until all the sugar is dissolved.

3. Place the steaks in the marinade and turn several times to coat well. Spoon more marinade over the top of each steak. Cover and place in a refrigerator to marinade for at least 2 hours or, better still, up to 24 hours.

4. Heat up your grill to a medium-hot heat. Brush the grills with vegetable oil and grill the steaks to your likeness turning once.

5. The steaks go well with a simple salad and Thai jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk.


Article supplied by Chris Winstanley from Moveison outdoor living store near Lagos