The Time to Act is Now: Portugal’s Golden Visa Scheme Changes in January 2022!

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If you are looking to apply for second citizenship, why not invest in property which could earn you big returns at the same time?

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is one of the most popular residence schemes in the world which will allow you to work, travel and study freely in Portugal and Europe. By investing in real estate you have the opportunity to become a permanent resident or a citizen in Portugal in five years.

Consistently ranked as one of the best countries to live in, Portugal has a bit of everything. It is one of the safest countries to live in, it has some of the best beaches and golf courses in the world.  You can enjoy great weather conditions, amazing food, wonderful landscapes and many historical landmarks. Due to the high number of visitors to Portugal it is safe to say if you invest in property then you can generate lucrative rental income as a result.

With the rules of the program set to change in January 2022 this means you have less than three months to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

There are two major changes that will be implemented in January, 2022:

– You will not qualify for the Golden Visa if you buy property in Lisbon or Porto. Along the coast you will still qualify in the low density areas or touristic developments. In order to avoid missing out on your ideal property it’s better to go ahead before the changes are effective

– The minimum investment amount will be €350,000 for renovation properties over 30 years old in high density areas within touristic developments. For new properties less than 30 years old, the threshold amount is currently 500,000€ but is predicted to increase in 2022

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