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The sun and your eyes’ health

The sun is essential to the preservation of heat and the existence of life. However, we must take some precautions to ensure our well-being and eye health.

The eyes are fragile, and it is necessary to protect them from the harmful effects of solar radiation. This can be easily achieved by wearing good quality sunglasses whenever an outdoor activity is developed.

Altough suglasses are definitely a fashion element these days, they protect your eyes from UV light that can negatively impact the eyelid, the cornea, the lens and the retina. And despite most people remebering using them on sunny summer days, they are necessary year-round, especially in a region with over 300 days of sun in average per year such as the Algarve.

So, what precautions should we take? Óptica Algarve, one of Institutoptico Group’s opticians in Portimão, Silves and Monchique, tell us that the most important things, when it comes to the sun and our eyes’ health, are:

– Wear good quality sunglasses, especially on days with higher UV index and in the periods when radiation is the most intense;
– Purchase the glasses at an optician, where you can obtain additional advice and quality assurance on the lenses;
– The lenses must filter 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation;
– The colouring of the lenses must absorb 60% to 80% of the intensity of visible light, be adjusted to the environment where they will be used and to the purpose for which they are intended (city, countryside, beach, mountain, sport or driving), avoiding eye discomfort and excessive reflections;
– Children should wear sunglasses and a brimmed hat, or a cap, especially on days and in situations of greater exposure.

For a professional and bespoke advice, just contact Óptica Algarve – they’ll be delighted to help you protect your eyes from the sun, see better and look even nicer!

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