The Smart Guide to Living in Portugal

news: The Smart Guide to Living in Portugal

THE SMART Guide to Living in Portugal, available as a CD-Rom as well as at, has been produced by Living Information Guides Ltd, in association with the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Designed to provide the answers to all your questions about moving to or living in Portugal, The Smart Guide is simple and easy to use. The on-screen menu and index mean that even computer novices will have no trouble accessing the exact areas required.

The guide contains a vast amount of useful information about all things Portuguese. The information on offer covers every aspect of living in this sunny land. You can find out about purchasing property, health care, education, banking, money matters, driving regulations, setting up in business, employment law, leisure activities, travel and even where to go for a good night out.

The content is supplied by the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, British Embassy in Portugal, How To Books publication Living and Working in Portugal, The Rough Guide to Portugal and many other reliable sources.

The Smart Guide CD-Rom will be distributed throughout the UK and Portugal, and you can get your free copy with next week’s The Resident!

As well as an abundance of useful information, The Smart Guide online includes hyper-links to the sponsors and many organisations, which means that, with a simple click, you can access information on airport arrivals and departures, maps, weather forecasts, Portuguese yellow pages and British and Portuguese governmental organisations.

The Smart Guide is not a use-once-then-throw-away-item or a drinks coaster stand-in, it has real longevity, as it will be updated and published annually. This guide has all you need to know in one, idiot-proof CD, so instead of riffling through pages of different books, all you need to do is fire up your mouse and that unanswerable question can finally be answered.

Featured in the guide:

• Information on the British-Portuguese

Chamber of Commerce

• Features on Sponsors

• Rough Guide to Portugal – Algarve and

Lisbon Sections

• Introduction to Portugal

• Relocation to Portugal

• Finding Accommodation

• Working Abroad

• Setting Up a Business

• Portuguese Law

• The Education System in Portugal

• Retirement

• Tourist Information

• Business and Services Directories

• Other Valuable Information