The Secret

LIFE COACH Rhonda Byrne’s world best-selling book The Secret (O Segredo) turned out to be the biggest seller in Portugal in the past 12 months.

The book has already gone through 21 editions selling more than 435,000 copies with a paper back edition (17 editions), hard back edition (three editions) and a limited edition (5,000 copies).

The book, which appeared on book shop shelves in June 2007 edited in Portugal by Lua de Papel, was the best selling book in 2007 and 2008 according to statistics from German multinational market study statistical agency GfK.

The book was so successful it even led to one of its contributors, life coach Bob Proctor, making a visit to Portugal earlier in the year.

José Prata, the editor of Lua de Papel, told national newspaper Público that the numbers showed a unique, one-off and not-to-be-repeated phenomena since it was almost unheard of for a non-fiction book to outstrip fiction sales.

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