The search widens.jpg

The search widens

Search parties have gathered again today (Sunday May 6) with police officers giving the impression that the search will widen to an 8km radius of the apartment although they were unwilling to confirm this.

Searching an area like Praia da Luz, is extremely difficult. With the beach, sea and cliffs to south, fields, brush, and trees to the north, and properties surrounding the area, some lived in, some holidays homes, some holiday rental properties – some of which are closed and shuttered waiting for the summer rental season.

Whilst the search continued Gerry and Kate McCann went to Mass at the local RC Church in Luz.

The police are still convinced that Madeleine is in the local area; it may be that this is optimistic hope as the authorities have no information to contrary.

As each hour passes, we can only sympathise with the McCann family and offer our continued support.

In our photo above, the red box shows the apartment block and the restuarant where Madeleine was snatched from.

Updated 09:52, May 6, 2007