The Royal British Club arrives!

The Royal British Club has announced its Algarve inaugural event to take place on Tuesday, April 1. The event will take the form of a cocktail evening in the presence of the club’s President, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal, Jill Gallard.
The Royal British Club has chosen the Estoi Palace as the venue for the cocktail evening that will commence at 6pm and will finish at 8pm.
Philip Portal, Chairman of the Royal British Club, told us: “We are delighted finally to be expanding our active events to the Algarve. We look forward to welcoming existing members and others who might be interested in joining a club with such a proud and distinguished history in Portugal, which is open to all English speakers. Our particular thanks go to Sovereign for its sponsorship of what promises to be a great event.”
More details concerning this event can be obtained by email [email protected] or by calling 925 825 088 during office hours.