The Roman occupation of the Algarve

A lecture by Professor Catarina Viegas from the Lisbon University is taking place on March 5 and will discuss the Roman occupation of the Algarve.

The first lecture of the day will be held at 3pm at the Museum of São Brás. Prior to the lecture, a lunch is arranged with the speaker at a local restaurant.

The second lecture will be held in the evening at 7.15pm at the Convento of Lagoa. Should time permit, a meal will be arranged after the lecture.

Professor Viegas has researched, in depth, the Roman occupation of the Algarve. Recent research has been in the eastern centres of the Algarve, Castro Marim, Quinta de Torre de Ares and Ossonaba, Faro. Based on the study of hundreds of pottery shards, she has determined the evolution of the imports and consumption patterns of different aspects of agricultural and industrial production, both locally and regionally.

Research shows how these towns developed from Roman Republican until the late Roman period.

Roman Algarve was fully integrated in the established commercial routes that were based in the Port of Gadier and had strong links with the neighbouring Boetican Province.

Besides the above project, Professor Viegas directed on the Roman occupation and the economy of the Roman Algarve. She has participated in several research projects such as Corpus of the Roman Mosaics in Portugal.

There is a charge of €5 for non-members of the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA), organisers of the events. All monies received go to the cost of speakers and the funding of archaeology throughout Portugal but particularly in the Algarve.

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