The Rolling Stones rolled into Porto.jpg

The Rolling Stones rolled into Porto

Mick Jagger was the first member of the legendary band The Rolling Stones to arrive in Porto last Thursday (August 10), two days ahead of their concert on Saturday night and, according to reports, headed straight to the 240sqm presidential suite of the Sheraton Hotel to relax.

A jacuzzi with panoramic views, a dressing room and piano were just some of the luxurious items that were at his disposal in the suite.

The hotel was apparently full, and the arrival of Jagger and the rest of the band a day later was eagerly awaited by the guests at the hotel. According to staff at the Sheraton, the band had already requested that a constant supply of sandwiches, juice and fruit was available to them throughout the duration of their stay.

Once the other band members, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts, arrived, it seemed that the four ageing rockers took over the hotel, renting not only the presidential suite, but four other suites, as well as 45 rooms and various meeting rooms for their accompanying entourage.