The road to hell

Dear Editor,

A week or so ago I was driving along, listening to a local radio station playing the usual seasonal music – “and now it’s Chris Rea with Driving Home for Christmas”. But actually it wasn’t that track at all – through my speakers came his classic Road to Hell.

At first this was funnybecause at the time, I was enduring a bad half-hour on the EN125– our very own “road to hell” – but, as I listened, the last verse of Rea’s 1989 songbecame far more sobering, bringing me back to the reality of today and why we are in this mess:

“And all the roads jam up with credit

And there’s nothing you can do

It’s all just bits of paper

Flying away from you

Look out world! – take a good look

What comes down here

You must learn this lesson fast

And learn it well

This ain’t no upwardly

mobile freeway

Oh no, this is the road to hell.”

(Lyrics Copyright 1989 Chris Rea)

Bill Perchard