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The right stuff! Coming together for a good cause

Whether it be for business, leisure or pleasure, it has to be right. The team, the set-up, the goal. APAA’s motto ‘here to help’ has been put to full use in its almost 30 years in existence.

Association for Protection of Animals Algarve is a small but functional group of people, determining the needs of the community and reacting fast, considerately and with care.

SNiP is its main campaigning tool, keeping the feral feline cats to a minimum through their many and increasing cat colonies. The spaying and neutering programme is widely used for the abandoned dogs and their re-homing.

More recently, an adventurous task occupied key members’ minds. What happens to our loved ones when we have passed on? Or a long-term illness which means hospitalisation and lengthy care? Humans get covered by a sensible, legally drawn-up will. Good. What about our furry friends? The feline, canine family we have collected over the years? Abandoned? Not again!

Meanwhile, at Cabanita, a relatively new animal shelter just outside of Loulé, ARA’s founder Sid Richardson and his general manager João Ferreira are scratching their heads. The dream of a ‘Legacy For Pets’ had been shelved due to the building of Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA). But now, with Jenny Clarke, president of APAA, and her head of ‘Pop-Up’ shops Anita Wight, the dream had been revived. Both ladies had long discussions and paperwork sessions before finally arriving at a solution. ‘Legacy’ now a fact. How do the APAA and ARA teams get their word out to the community?

APAA and ARA handshake

Back at the afpop office in Portimão, Michael Reeve, CEO, had been asked by APAA: could they, would they, pretty please, do a small write-up on APAA and ARA’s ‘Legacy’ project? Not only can they help, they were only too pleased to include it in afpop website’s Community and Charity section, with an information article reaching their almost 10,000 members through UPDATE magazine.

Linking the right stuff together is not an accident. It is a necessity for the growth of spirit and kindness within the community, achieving this for over 30 years, spreading the word. Important information, taxes, strikes, reduction in food bills, petrol, IMI, IMT – the stuff we all need to make a better life for those expats living within the Portuguese community.

Credits roll out to the outstanding work on behalf of their communal ‘Community’ for all their differing reasons but, nevertheless, important goals.

APAA: [email protected] |

ARA: [email protected] | 910476880

afpop (Association For Property Owners in Portugal): [email protected] | 282 458 509

APAA’s ‘Pop-Up’ diary tips:

May 12: Spring Special, Holiday Inn, Armação de Pêra 11am-8pm

May 21: Manu Snack Bar (aka Pescador), Figueira, 11am-2pm. Antiques, classics. Always home-made, jams, preserves, chutneys, cookies. [email protected]