The Right Juice – what a great film!

Dear Editor
I recently re-visited the Algarve for the first time in eight years and was delighted to find that my visit coincided with the Portuguese film premiere in Faro of ‘The Right Juice’.
It was wonderful to see so many people supporting this joint venture and what a great film! Funny and touching with a real understanding of the warm rapport that exists between our resident Portuguese and we foreigners, even where there is no understanding of each other’s languages.
I thoroughly enjoyed the film and was not surprised to see that the producer was the talented BJ Boulter who has a wonderful reputation in the Algarve for her diverse creativity and was amazed to see a few faces I recognised in the cast gathered from local residents – fantastic collaboration on all sides.
I was however somewhat surprised to find no mention anywhere of David and Sue Butler-Cole who have been bringing theatre events to the Algarve for over 20 years.
David actually wrote the screenplay to the film based on experiences during the building of their house outside Silves. As a former member of The Algarveans theatre group and veteran of many pantos written by David, I recognised his distinctive humorous touches in the script, particularly with the ‘mata-velhos’ and the portaloo. Typically, Sue was working hard at the premiere organising tickets, as always a stalwart organiser of all the peripheral but vital parts of any production.
Please when this becomes the success it deserves could there be a small thank you to a couple who have spent many years bringing entertainment and creative initiative to the Algarve?
Wendy Swinton- Eagle