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The Right Juice film teaser

Following early auditions during the spring held at the Fatacil in Lagoa a short teaser for the full length feature film to be shot in the Algarve, The Right Juice, was filmed this month.

Core members of the production team gathered in the Algarve countryside along with an ageing three-wheeler Piaggio Ape pick up and a sturdy Portaloo to film a short piece aimed at promoting the main film.

Heading the voluntary crew was cameraman Pedro Matos with Ross Dias and Marta Belo assisting him with everything from lighting to shading the cameraman from the very hot sun.

David Butler Cole, the writer of the film, and his wife Sue made sure that everyone had food and drinks while Diago Andrade was responsible for filming the filming of the taster.

The short film TRJ Teaser One will be released on October 1 and will be available to view either online on YouTube or at the Obrigado Portugal festival being held at the Fontes in Estombar on October 1.

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