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The Resident Group supports children

The Resident Group, publishers of the Algarve Resident, invited 40 friends, suppliers and clients to join them at their hospitality box at the Algarve Race Track on October 23 for the last day of the Algarve Historic Festival racing.

As well as enjoying the great racing (accompanied by many nostalgic comments), the group was able to join in a birthday celebration and also to raise funds for the Rotary Club of Silves Children’s Charity Fund.

A splendid lunch from ParProva, supplemented with excellent desserts from ‘Sheena’s Kitchen’, ensured that everyone was in a ‘giving’ mood.

Sheena Rawcliffe, Managing Director of The Resident Group and Incoming President of RC Silves, said €535 was raised on the day for the Children’s Charity Fund.

She said that RC Silves is “enormously grateful” to those who donated so generously.

“Thanks also have to be given to the Autódromo, which generously offered The Resident Group additional hospitality space and tickets for this event. Let’s hope this is the first of many to come,” said Sheena.