The real way to start the New Year

THE PARTY is over and it’s time to go home. Or is it? Wouldn’t it be nicer to stroll back to your comfortable, convenient hotel room, rather than having to think about driving?

Even if you have been very good and not had any alcohol, there are plenty of other people out there who have flouted the laws and think they are the exception to the rule – it only takes for them to have an error in judgement and you could pay the price!

How much nicer to have a real start to the New Year, so you can relax and party to your heart’s content, knowing that you only have to meander a few paces back to your hotel room.

The Real Bellavista Hotel is a few minutes from Albufeira centre and has a welcoming “home away from home” feel. Its comfortable bar and restaurant will be the focus of the festivities until the early hours of the New Year. When you finally emerge on New Year’s Day, what nicer way to start the day than to enjoy a delicious buffet-style breakfast and have a gentle start to the year?

At the Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort Hotel & Spa, east of Albufeira, you could wake up (eventually!) and look at the ocean from your bedroom window – what a great start to the year! After breakfast, and what a breakfast it promises to be, perhaps a walk on the beach or even an hour in the Thalassotherapy pool to set you up for the day – and the year – ahead.

Now that’s the real way to start the New Year!

To contact Real Bellavista Hotel, please phone +351 289 540 060. To contact Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort Hotel & Spa, please phone +351 289 598 000. Alternatively, visit the hotel group’s website (site available in English)