The Rainbow Diet

news: The Rainbow Diet

HOW MANY times have you been tempted by the latest food fad? How many times have you convinced yourself that you will never buy another packet of chocolate biscuits again? If, like me, the times are too numerous to mention and you suffer from the “anyway, the biscuits were on special offer so I will start next week” syndrome, then this article could definitely be of interest to you!

It’s not about losing or gaining weight with colour; it has more to do with observing the colours you eat and helping you to understand what’s happening in your life. But, first, let’s consider how important colour is when it comes to food.

When you want to buy fresh fruit or vegetable, you know how fresh and ready to eat it is by the colour – how many people would buy green carrots or red bananas? Colour, in this sense, is very important when it comes to buying fresh produce.

Take it one step further: from the colour of certain fruit, a person will know how sweet it is. For example, one apple is dark green and the other is a deep red – which is the sweeter of the two?

We know by the colour of the food whether it is OK to be eaten. We also know, for example, that uncooked meat that has a green tinge is probably best disposed of, or bananas that have turned completely brown are past their best.

It is considered by quantum physicists that the fresher the food, the more condensed light it contains, thus, on a more spiritual level, we are ingesting more light energy. The older the food becomes, the more it diminishes in light.

Eating the right colour,

at the right time

Red gives energy, blue relaxes, green brings balance…and the same happens with food. The colours you eat are a way of ingesting the colours you need at that particular time of day.

For instance, eating red, orange or yellow foods first thing in the morning is a way of giving yourself an energy boost to start the day. At lunch, you would eat more yellow food to give your mental energy another boost, combined with something green to give the body time-out and a re-balance.

In the evening, blue and purple foods are high on the menu as it’s time to relax and unwind after a long day. Blue and purple foods consist of such things as aubergines (eggplant), red cabbage, beets, blueberries and blackcurrants.

The colour is based on the outer skin of the food itself. Bananas have a creamy white fruit but a yellow skin, therefore, a banana is regarded as a yellow food. Following this format for eating is a way of becoming more in tune with nature, as different colours are visibly stronger at certain times of the day.

This is brought about by the angle of the planet and the way the light from the sun is refracted as it comes into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Look back over the past few days and notice if you have been eating more of a specific colour.

My story

For many years, I was a strict vegetarian. Then, about eight years ago, I started craving rare steak – it could not be ‘well done’, it had to be rare. At first, I ignored it and went through all the reasons why I couldn’t possibly eat it.

Then, I looked at what would happen if I did eat the steak, all the principles of vegetarianism and what I followed at the time as spiritual development. Finally, after much deliberation, I treated myself to the rare steak. I can still remember the meal today and, on that occasion, I could very much understand how some people compare food to sex (if I smoked, I would have lit up a cigarette)! I felt energised and on top of the world!

After I had calmed down and realised that I wasn’t heading for damnation, or condemned to my next life as a cow, I started looking at what was behind it…

One theory would suggest that the adrenalin present in the steak caused my temporary feeling of euphoria. When I looked back over the past few months, I realised that I had been eating, for the majority of the time, red-based meals. It was then, as the saying goes, that the penny dropped: I had ended a long-term relationship, had moved to a new area and, for the first time in a number of years, was living on my own. Is it any wonder my whole body felt as though it needed plenty of red energy to ground itself? Sometimes, eating meat is one of the quickest ways to put you back in contact with the physical body. It might not work for everyone, but following your body’s needs when it comes to food is certainly a way of being true, on some level, to yourself. Remember, a little bit of what you fancy does you good…and everything in moderation.

By Mark Wentworth Colour Specialist

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