The rain in Spain is mainly … tropical storms

SPAIN AND the Canary Islands are heading for intense tropical storms and suffocating levels of humidity, according to a leading weather expert.

Spanish meteorologist, Emilio Cuevas, who is based at Tenerife’s atmospheric observatory, has warned that the effects of global warming on the mainland and on the Spanish islands will change the climate forever, with an increase in the order of one to five degrees centigrade between 2050 and 2070.

Resorts like Benidorm and the Costa Blanca will see the biggest rises whereas the islands in the Atlantic will experience more heat waves, according to Cuevas.

The scientist also said that as a consequence of the ocean’s warming up, there would be a corresponding increase in evaporation, which, in its turn, would result in far greater humidity and humidity, he said, “is the fuel for storm formation.”

Tropical Storm Delta hit the islands last year bringing torrential downpours and high winds.