The property website that’s selling the Algarve lifestyle, the newest property website for the Algarve, is taking a different approach to marketing property for sale in the region. The company believes that the key to selling Algarve property is as much about marketing the fantastic lifestyle in the region as it is about promoting bricks and mortar.

For a marketing campaign earlier this month, Meravista listed Silves Castle for sale and advertised it in the Algarve Resident. Of course the castle isn’t for sale, but it’s certainly a stunning property with heaps of history. It’s also the focal point for the region’s most elaborate Medieval Festival held each August and this was what Meravista was keen to publicise.

Promoting community events, places of interest, top class cuisine and the diverse choice of leisure activities on offer here in the Algarve are all part of Meravista’s inspired approach to selling the Algarve lifestyle to would-be property buyers across the globe.

The thousands of Algarve properties listed for sale on Meravista are all plotted on the website’s map, to make it easy for users to see whether a property is located in the countryside, by the sea or in a town. Meravista maps support the Google Street View function too, so property hunters can take a tour of the locality and can also visit the site’s Algarve Information section and Blog to learn about the district, its amenities and local events.