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The Price of Darkness


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The Price of Darkness by Graham Hurley is out in hardcover at 15 euros.

After being fired for a drink driving charge, Detective Constable Winter has gone undercover to infiltrate Portsmouth’s premier drug lord, Bazza McKenzie.

Isolated and resentful, he is lost in a world where money is easy and respect is earned in brutally straightforward ways.

Portsmouth is a city with a thriving criminal culture and dealing in Class A narcotics. Pompey, as it is known locally, is also highly populated, offering rich pickings to property developers, corrupt or otherwise.

Concerns among his superiors, that Winter may finally have had too much temptation placed in his path, are soon supplanted by two vicious murders.

First a high-profile local property developer is shot and then a Labour government minister is assassinated, which sparks a fevered investigation with Winter’s erstwhile boss, Detective Inspector Faraday, in charge.

With mounting pressures to find clues and solve the murders, Faraday is taken off the case and left in charge of only the investigation into the property developer’s murder.

It soon becomes clear that the murky underground has infiltrated the police force.