The power of ‘thank you’

Dear Editor,

Could I please ask you to remind all those wonderful people working hard to raise money for Algarve charitable causes of the power of ‘thank you’ and a little feedback?

I am UK based and work in a variety of schools, all of which are open to requests to support good causes. Over the years, I have set up a number of contacts between my schools and Algarve children’s charitable organisations, and sadly all have failed due to the Algarve end not maintaining any contact after the initial donation.

I have recently visited a couple of school assemblies and seen presentations by students showing videos and letters from the charities they support in Africa and Eastern Europe. Whilst we may question the authenticity of these communications, they certainly had the desired effect!

I know there are many people working extremely hard to raise vital funds, especially at this time of year, but please remember the initial contact is just the first seed … if you nourish it, it will continue to grow.

Jill Underwood