The Portuguese NHS

Dear Editor,

I’m writing regarding the letter published by Mrs Carla Ainscough, in your issue of February 27.

I am pleased to know, as a Portuguese doctor, that Mrs Ainscough had a good experience in the Portimão Hospital and I wish her and the baby all the best.

Portugal’s health system has been ranked 12th in the world, among 191 countries, according to a study done by the World Health Organisation (WHO), ahead of the United Kingdom (18th), Germany (25th) and the United States (37th). France is in the pole position.

Recently, the WHO praised the efforts of the Portuguese NHS for “being among the world’s most successful countries to reduce infant mortality”.

Portugal has now one of the lowest infant mortality rate and with this placing, UNICEF said on their report that it is safer to have and raise a toddler in Portugal than in countries such as Britain, the US or Germany!

I think all residents in Portugal can use the Portuguese NHS with confidence: it is cheap and good.