The Portimão property renaissance

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A “renaissance” is taking place in the historic city centre of Portimão. Old abandoned properties that for so long blighted this area with their rundown façades and crumbling roofs are being lovingly restored to their former glory, maintaining the external architectural design of days long gone.

Open the door and walk inside one of these masterpieces, and you will find an eclectic mix of old and new, giving you all the benefits of modern-day living.

One such property which perfectly portrays this renaissance is located on Rua Judíce Fialho. This one-of-a-kind townhouse just oozes style and sophistication.

Kenneth Laidlaw, senior real estate consultant at Engel & Völkers Portimão, talked to its designer and owner, Arnold Aarssen, about his vision for this stunning property and the future of similar properties in the old town.

Ken: First of all, Arnold, may we ask why and how you ended up here in this area of Portimão?

Arnold: It resulted from my passion for urban warehouse treasures, which you can find only in harbour cities such as Portimão. I sold my properties in Silves and decided to develop this (project) in Portimão.

Ken: What did you see in the ruin in Rua Judíce Fialho that attracted you to it in the first place?

Arnold: When I walked into the property, I was impressed with its massive height, which allowed me to create my own loft living space.

Ken: Give us three words on how best you would describe the property now that it has been transformed.
Arnold: Authentic. Urban Chic. Loft Living.

Ken: Tell us about your passion for architecture and renovation projects. And what does the future hold in terms of city development for the old town?

Arnold: As we see it now, authentic city hearts are attracting investors – these new residents like to be part of a typical local life experience. City-centre projects are rather secure and solid investments, as most such properties are unique due to their location, history and potential. And if we can add our magic touch, they become veritable urban diamonds.

Ken: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and we can’t wait to see your next “renaissance project”.

We look forward to selling your property and passing on your beautifully renovated townhouse to a new owner who can enjoy many happy years in what undoubtedly is an exquisitely-designed home.

Ref: W-02I2JC
Price: €1,400,000

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