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The original detox diet

By: Ruth Sharpe

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A LIFESTYLE change is usually at the top of everyone’s agenda, especially when suffering from a physical ailment. However, there’s one lifestyle in particular, which is slowly gaining recognition as an apparent preventative to countless forms of human disease.

The Genesis Diet, considered the biblical foundation for modern nutrition, advocates eating natural, organic foods that do not contain any of the toxins that cause cancer. It is claimed to be an immune boosting regime, full of vegetable and fruit juices, raw or lightly cooked vegetables, nuts and seeds, combined with de-toxing colonics.

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler, author of God’s Healing Word, said: “It is the coming cancer cure and soon we will cringe in horror at the destructive treatment meted out in the 20th and 21st centuries.”

Felicity’s daughter, Melanie, developed cancer at 17 and underwent chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, culminating in a bone marrow transplant. Despite all orthodox medicine could do, Melanie died two years after she was diagnosed.

Felicity, a researcher in the Houses of Parliament in London, set about researching the cause and tried to find answers to this disease, now affecting increasing numbers of young people and children.

After studying in London, San Diego and India, she became interested in the de-toxing, nutritional approach, particularly the immune boosting Gerson diet that she claims healed her arthritis.

In 2003, Felicity was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was taken to a hospital in London where she was given a no treatment, no hope diagnosis.

However, she went to pray at her London Church and was prayed for by a woman pastor, who had previously been a nurse.

This pastor told Felicity that her only hope was to follow God’s word in Genesis 1:29 and 30 (see box) and have the essence of apricot seeds, called laetrile, or B17, intravenously.

This was done on a hospice drip in Jersey, where Felicity lives. Strictly following the immune boosting diet and de-toxing colonics advocated by Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Gerson against all odds, this natural treatment seemed to dissolved the mass.

Rather than addressing the cause of cancer, billions is being invested in chemotherapy with focus on shrinking the tumour, rather than challenging the underlying cause.


According to Felicity: “Cancer is a healing process which has gone wrong due to a modern lifestyle that puts unnatural stress on the body through toxins, alcohol, cigarettes and impurities that get into our water and food. It can be prevented and corrected when we return to the raw living enzymes God designed us to eat.”

The Genesis method claims to be non-toxic, safe and inexpensive. According to Felicity, two million people follow this diet in the US and she believes that it has cured and prevented 170 degenerative diseases.

“All enzymes and vitamins are destroyed when they are heated to 107 degrees,” says Felicity, meaning that the western diet mainly consists of dead food. “We are simply not living on the raw, organic, living fruit, vegetables, seeds and green plants that God ordained,” she added.

“If we lived on the food God ordains we could not become sick. Informed doctors and scientists have now proven that our toxic bodies can be restored to health from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and every other degenerative disease as well as cancer, through The Genesis Diet.”

Felicity’s aim now, is to reach the young so they do not suffer as her generation has. Since she started running healing weeks and teaching the word of Genesis, she received so many calls and emails that she realised she would have to put the information in a book.

The result, God’s Healing Word has sold out so quickly in the UK on Amazon that she is having to reprint and the book is now available locally in the Algarve from the Griffin Bookshop, where there will be a launch, book signing and talk between 11.30am – 1pm on Tuesday, March 27. The launch will be followed by a Genesis Lunch at the Almanção restaurant above the workshop. Contact 917 818 412 for reservations.

She writes the book as a woman who has walked the walk of cancer and dedicated a substantial part of her life to uncovering the reality behind the disease. It seems that she is living evidence that it can be beaten for good if you commit yourself to building the immune system, rather than destroying it.

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