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The Orange Sky’s the limit

ORANGE SKY has experienced incredible growth and expansion in the field of architecture, projects and management, in the time it has been operating in the Algarve.

Orange Sky architects combine the traditional ways of hand design and the use of high tech equipment.

“When we are in the design phase we still do almost everything by hand,” said Edwin Opstelten, co-founder of the company. “Of course, computers are needed for the final drawings, but they sometimes take the creativity out of architecture.”

So how does the process at Orange Sky work? Say you have just bought a plot of land where you want to build your dream house. One of Orange Sky’s architects will come and visit the site and spend time consulting with you to get an idea of what you have envisaged for that property.

Edwin has many questions to go through with clients, his reason being, “a small thing, such as how many animals you have, can drastically change the shape of a project. We build to fit the lifestyle of our clients and there are so many ingredients that go into the process.”

Once the consultation is over the architect goes to the site again, then liaises with the relevant câmara to smooth over any legal issues before the design process begins. This usually takes two weeks. If the client doesn’t like the design, the architectural team will do it again until the client is happy, however that is something he has never had to do at Orange Sky.

Once the design is approved, the team will draw up the contracts and building licence. At this point clients are free to walk away and sort out the construction work themselves, however few choose this path, mainly due to the Orange Sky guarantee that the work will be complete in 12 months – an astonishing deadline for construction in Portugal.

“The fundamental approach we take is to work with and for the client openly and honestly, to cut through the bureaucracy and jargon to get the job done,” said Edwin.

Quality construction

The quality of construction is evident in Orange Sky projects. The houses are fully insulated and offer technical solutions to problems such as humidity and damp. Although they offer these solid technical solutions, Edwin assures that they supply a competitive price for the Algarve market.

Another unique slant to Orange Sky’s service is their online personal client account. Each house owner has access to his own site where building progress pictures are posted, giving clients the opportunity to follow progress on the project and give feedback.

The success of the company is such that the original team has expanded over the years to include expert architectural, engineering and project management departments, a solid administrative, legal support and a choice of reliable builders. Part of Orange Sky’s continuing development plans includes the opening of a new office in Tavira, one of the parts of the Algarve expected to flourish in the coming years.

The feeling of responsibility the team feel towards their work is one of the main reasons behind Orange Sky’s success. Furthermore, the pure enjoyment Edwin and his team get from the variety of projects they face ensures they carry out the work to the best of their ability.

Environmentalists will be glad to know that Orange Sky practices a responsible use of resources, starting with recycling in the office and ending with energy saving equipment, Orange Sky is at the forefront of responsible building and use of materials. The establishment of an innovative environmentally sewer/water recycling system is already in place in some of the communities they are building.

Orange Sky is dedicated to delivering quality residential and commercial real estate developments, their unique outlook on creating shows that Orange Sky can make residential dreams a reality.

With the knowledge and application of the newest building designs and updated building techniques, the success of Orange Sky lies on performance and quality with a careful attention to the individual needs of each client. Their long list of satisfied customers who have had their dream home built by Orange Sky proves that they’re doing a good job!

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