The one-stop-shop for all property maintenance

Ask any homeowner which is his biggest headache in terms of property maintenance and he’ll probably tell you that it’s “finding the right technician for every specific work they need done in their house”. And if he wants more than one thing done within a certain time frame, this becomes even more complicated.

Offering personalised maintenance and construction services to both private homeowners and companies, AlgarHouse presents itself as the ultimate solution to this problem, catering these technical services for more than 300 properties in the Algarve.

Based in Lagoa, they focus on a professional and serious relationship with the client, offering a service based on up-to-date know-how and innovative products, designed to supply the best technical solutions for any property, and at the same time guarantee that all the client’s needs, in terms of maintenance services, are answered by just one company.

“Our goal is to offer the best technical answers to ensure the stable value of the property and reduce further property maintenance costs”, they tell us. “Constantly searching for innovative technical products in international trade fairs in other European countries, gives us the opportunity to present the best solutions to our clients”, they add.

At AlgarHouse the best products and all available solutions are carefully analysed and chosen according to each situation.

Considering they offer high-quality aluminium doors and windows from the well known companies such as Domal and Schuco, heat pumps and solar systems from Solius, air conditioning, electrical installations, carpentry, painting services, construction and renovation works and even architectural services, we can definitely call them the one-stop-shop for all property maintenance in the Algarve.

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