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The old English experience

For more than 25 years, The Copper Kettle has created the ambiance of an antique English tea shop, where customers are able to take a step back in time and enjoy the old fashioned décor.

Situated on the central shopping street in Portimão, Rua do Comércio, the tea shop is easily accessible.

Tea and coffee are served the traditional English way, in pots, cups and saucers.

For customers wanting something a little stronger, The Copper Kettle is fully licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.

There are no frozen products served in the establishment and all foodis homemade.

The menu includes items such as scones that come in three flavours (plain, fruit and apple with cinnamon), apple pie, bread and butter pudding, baked meat pies and real chip shop style chips.  

British owners Kevin and Sandi Jones said: “The shop is full of copper kettles and other brasses. Customers always bring us back some of their own brass of copper items from home, to add to the collection. Customers come back year after year, and we invite you to come and visit us and experience the traditional delights we have to offer.”

For more information about the Copper Kettle, please contact Kevin Jones on 966 910 380 or Sandi Jones on 964 810 827 or e-mail on [email protected]