The night of a thousand stars

news: The night of a thousand stars

PORTUGAL’S MOST famous musical export, the world renowned Ficções Quintet, returns to the Algarve, after a long absence, on Thursday, September 8. This is the final in a series of four successful concerts brought to you by The Triple Bass Music Agency and Café Inglês at Tenda Marrakech – and it promises to bring the tenda (tent) down!

The stunning virtuosity of this highly accomplished group of musicians will entertain you into the early hours of Friday morning with their fusion of ethnic rhythms and melodic motifs. You will be transported from India to Brazil, Europe to Africa. There is no other band that possesses the degree of individualism and kinetic energy like Ficções Quintet. Every one of their original compositions is a collage of influences, unique ideas and expansive musicality.

Led by the famous Rui Luís Pereira, the band, inspired by his lute and acoustic guitar playing, respond to create adventurous and fearless music.

For tickets, call The Triple Bass Music Agency on 282 442 585, 914 167 710 or 966 895 009. Reserved ticket prices are seven euros. Contributed