The New Orleans Jazz Band live at Tavira Garden

The New Orleans Jazz Band is returning to Tavira Garden on Saturday, March 4, after the concert held by the band earlier this month was sold out within days.

Organiser Lynner Booker from the Algarve History Association said: “I accepted 70 reservations and held a waiting list of a further 19 people. So as not to disappoint anyone, the band will be returning to Tavira Garden on March 4, and possibly on the first Saturday of each month after.”

Ana Biscaia, who manages the restaurant at Tavira Garden, says she is delighted to welcome Tavira Garden residents and holidaymakers as well as members of the Algarve community in general.

Her latest venture is to make Tavira Garden a cultural centre with art exhibitions, workshops, literary lunches, live music, and a wide variety of tasty tapas.

The New Orleans Jazz Band was formed in 1998 by a group of international jazz musicians, all now living in the Algarve. The band performed at the 1999 Loulé International Jazz Festival, since when it has become one of the busiest bands in the Algarve.

The band’s current line up comprises Ray Charsley (trumpet/vocals), Dave Lawson (clarinet/saxophones), John Ballinger (trombone/vocals), Cory Sea (guitar), Luís Hilário (double bass) and Tony Scriven (drums/leader/vocals). The musicians play a mixture of blues, stomps, marches, spirituals and ragtime. They will be playing three 50-minute.

Tickets cost €10 per person and the concert starts at 6pm.

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