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The new American dream

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Introducing the new American Desk
In recent years, the number of American expats moving to Portugal has increased dramatically. The quality of life, relatively low cost of living and blend of both rural and city environments is resulting in a record-number of US nationals making the move overseas. The comparatively low property prices are also attracting a younger demographic than the traditional retirees who have relocated to Portugal in the past. These younger expats, who might be struggling to get on the property ladder back in the States due to rapidly increasing prices, are moving to make the most of Portugal’s more affordable housing.

However, despite Portugal clearly having a lot to offer to those who relocate there, the process of moving your life from one continent to another can be, without doubt, a daunting one. Putting aside the logistical considerations of moving possessions, arranging accommodation and ensuring all documentation is in order, the prospect of transferring financial arrangements alone can be intimidating enough to put off some of those who might be considering making the move.

This is where we can help. The launch of Blacktower’s new American Desk was designed to assist American expats moving to Portugal with all of their financial requirements, allowing our clients to focus on settling into their new home instead. With teams based in both the US and Portugal, we are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and regulatory footprint to ensure that your finances are taken care of, both at home, and abroad.

A convenient solution to a complex process
Communication is vital when giving or receiving financial advice and we believe that this is best conducted face-to-face where possible. This helps to establish a comfortable working relationship between adviser and client and ensures clarity when making decisions.

Here at Blacktower, our extensive regulatory footprint means that we have a physical presence in both the US (New York) and Portugal (Lisbon and the Algarve), meaning that our experienced advisers can assist you at every step of the process whilst continuing to offer that personal, face-to-face service we know is so important.

Trust in our Expertise and Experience
Ensuring that your finances are in order is a fantastic way to put your mind at ease and reduce your workload when moving. However, it is also essential if you want to avoid fines or the other costly consequences of foregoing adequate financial planning and being caught out by legal or governing bodies. Laws regarding taxation and other financial contributions can not only vary from country-to-country, but also from region-to-region, often making compliance to these rules confusing and particularly challenging to new residents.

Enlisting the help of a financial adviser who is familiar with local laws as well as national ones is imperative, and with 36 years of experience in our industry, you can trust in our award-winning service and focus on the things that really matter. Peace of mind is priceless.

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Photo of Manuela Robinson, Associate Director at Blacktower Financial Management Group in the Algarve, where the non-habitual special tax regime can be prepared for their clients

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