The music behind the star

Pop star JC Chasez’s latest release Some Girls has taken Portugal by storm, reaching number one in last week’s Kiss FM column. Like every star, JC travels with an entourage of assistants and musicians. The Resident spoke with Colin McCan, a session musician from the UK, who performed on the drums alongside JC during his recent UK promotional tour.

How did you get into being a session musician?

I’ve always loved playing musical instruments and knew from a very early age that my career would be involved in music in some way. I studied at the Royal College of Music and graduated with honours in 1999. It basically went from there.

Is JC the first celebrity you have worked with?

No, since I graduated I have worked with Richard Ashcroft, The Tindersticks, Mylene Class and a few others. I have also worked with some of the country’s best orchestras and recorded lots of different styles of music for television shows.

So, how did you get to play with JC?

Basically, it is because I am on the books of a session music agency called Session Connection. And because it is one of the most successful and television agencies, it attracts all the top pop stars, both from the UK and the rest of the world. I was lucky enough to get chosen for this project.

What has it involved so far?

A few things, but the most exciting times were playing on TV’s Top Of the Pops and CDUK with him. The atmosphere was brilliant and JC is a very charismatic performer.

What is he like to work with?

Actually, he was very professional, slick and not at all affected by his fame from being in *NSYNC.

And what is he like as a person?

He’s very easy to talk to, but obviously very LA. The FA cup semifinal was on when we were working together and I could not actually believe it, but he was over the moon because he is a Manchester United fan. All in all, he’s a very good bloke and, in my opinion, one of the best performers around at the moment in the UK.

What is he up to now?

He is touring with Britney, so I went along to see the show and thought it was brilliant.

So, which star is next on the list?

I have to be honest and say nobody because I am having a small break at the moment, but when I return to work and get assigned to my next project, I hope it’s someone good!

JC’s single, Some Girls, is currently playing on KISS FM.