The motorhoming conundrum

Dear Editor,

I realise this motorhoming “problem” all comes down to money, and the seemingly huge amount of eight million euros we don’t spend on campsite fees. How are you going to squeeze more money out of these motorhomers than they have to spend?  

Many motorhomers on average have 100 euros a week to live on, excluding extras, such as fuel, vehicle repairs, health, etc. … that’s all they have to spend. 

A 100 motorhomes a month will spend 10,000 euros but I guess you all want more.  I suppose we could all be made to go and sit on a campsite and live a subsistence life for the winter, because after handing over this eight million euros to the campsite owners, we will have little money left to spend outside the campsite.  You would get your eight million euros if we all went on campsites, but then of course you wouldn’t gain 10,000 euros per 100 motorhomes per month from us as well, spent in the local economy.  Are we to make the campsites millionaires or are we to continue spreading our money throughout the local economy and be helped to do so?  You can’t have both. 

Why does J Rhodes (letter last week) feel that Portugal is such a dangerous country if you park anywhere other than on a campsite?  I have found the Portuguese to be honest and helpful people, none of whom have broken into my motorhome or attacked me.  

The fact that someone might be sleeping in a motorhome (something it was designed for) is also nothing to do with anyone else…