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The most in-demand villa rental features of 2023

As the Algarve continues to thrive as a top holiday destination, it means tourist expectations constantly shift. With more guests than ever before, we are able to paint a picture of what it is they want in a villa rental.

It calls for a focused strategy when working with property owners in the Algarve. Features that one group of guests want might not matter to another. However, it’s important to know what villa features are most in demand, so that a property can be marketed accordingly should they have these features.

Furthermore, it allows the SandyBlue team to make data-driven suggestions to our owner partners, following a thorough analysis of customer queries and marketing data. So, that begs the question: just what are the most in-demand villa features of 2023?

The villa features at the top of everyone’s lists

The top search for 2023 is clear – guests are always after a private pool. Being able to provide this privacy and comfort makes a property instantly appealing. Lounging by the pool and taking a cooling dip whenever they want really is a big must-have. Furthermore, enquiries for heated pools continue to increase alongside this demand.

Tourists are also choosing to travel in larger family groups, a growing trend in the last two years. As a result, we have seen a 154% increase in users who are searching specifically for villas that cater to larger groups (5+ bedrooms or more). It really is a great sign for Algarve tourism with larger numbers choosing the region as their summer destination.

Of course, features on the luxury end of the scale are also catching the attention of guests. With a growing property portfolio comes new things to offer our guests. Recent additions include home gymnasiums, saunas, home cinemas, private tennis courts and mini-putting golf courses. Guests want the extraordinary – an experience like no other. That is why considering new additions and features can really make a villa stand out.

While not a feature per se, our search data also shows a 98% increase in website users searching for longer-term rentals in the Algarve. Having introduced SandyBlue’s Longer Stays, we have really seen the benefit it offers to guests in terms of their work-life balance. For our owner partners, we help them navigate longer-term rentals while guaranteeing them steady rental income.

Delighting guests 365 days a year

No matter the time of year, it’s always important to be aware of what Algarve tourists are hoping for in a holiday. With a continued focus on guest satisfaction, the Algarve will always be a top choice for tourists everywhere.

By Joe Mountain
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Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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