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The most in-demand villa features and services

For villa owners in the Algarve, there are so many features that they will want front and centre when advertising it to tourists. Of course, there are many tourists who are seeking out super luxury features – saunas in the villa, private tennis and a cinema room come to mind.

However, some tourists look beyond the ‘nice to haves’ and consider necessary services to help their holiday run smoothly. Our team is always looking closely at our enquiries and search analysis to determine what guests are looking for in 2023.

With these insights, we are able to communicate to our owner partners how they can continuously improve and make their villas a top choice. Furthermore, we can create the right content so potential guests see we can offer what they are looking for.

Services and features for your villa

There has been a huge increase in large family getaways, with families striving to make great memories here in the Algarve. Stemming from this increase is a rise of tourists enquiring about in-villa childcare.

At SandyBlue, we partnered with the most trusted childcare service in the Algarve so our owners and guests know the right people to contact. This allows the children to enjoy fun activities at the villa while the adults wine and dine.

Speaking of family-friendly, the number of searches for private pools has grown exponentially. However, it’s not just about families wanting their own space. Pool heating and pool fences are also a ‘must have’ for more and more guests. These offer comfort and safety, showing that peace of mind is a huge factor in where tourists are looking to stay. Of course, these features are ones our team can help owner partners with to ensure they have the best private pool offering.

Another trend that continues to rise is longer-term rentals. Longer stays in the Algarve is by no means a new thing, as SandyBlue has been offering this service since 2020. However, with remote working becoming the new norm, enquiries for a work and leisure fusion holiday have not slowed down.

We ensure our owners are able to offer the best possible space for those who are extending their stays, from fast Wi-Fi to taking on all aspects of the guest’s stay.

Offering convenience and luxury in equal measure

In the world of travel and tourism, rapidly changing trends mean villa owners must always balance between offering a truly luxurious experience and a holiday that offers ease for the guests.

At SandyBlue, our villa specialists are always on hand to help our owner partners achieve this fine balance!

By Joe Mountain
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Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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