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The most cost effective way to heat your pool

Make the most of your pool and plunge into warm waters not only during the summer months but out of season too with a Solar Safe Pool Cover, the most effective way to double your pool usage without expensive heating costs.

Peter Read first established Solar Safe Pool Covers in 2000 and, from his base in Silves, he provides pool covers for clients across the Algarve, in Spain, the Alentejo and further north in Portugal.

Peter holds a degree in chemical engineering and designed the covers himself using his technical knowledge to provide high quality, durable covers.

“These covers not only heat the pool, they also keep it clean and are safe for young children.  According to my testing, the covers are the most efficient at solar heating your pool that I have found,” said Peter.

Each cover is bespoke and made to order here in the Algarve with quotations available either via phone or, alternatively, by Peter making a personal visit to your pool.

The unique cover design is made up of tough polyethylene and supported by anodised aluminium profiles.  “Water temperature is raised by approximately 6°c to 9°c with the cover and although they are highly durable, when the plastic finally begins to wear, a re-fitting only costs 50 per cent of the initial price and should only need to take place after six years.”

For further information about Solar Safe Pool Covers, please contact Peter Read by calling 963 346 631, email [email protected] or visit