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The miracle cure

By: Ruth Sharpe

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THE BOWEN technique is a therapy that uses an innovative method to cure most sporting injuries or physical ailments that your body encounters.

A holistic system of healing, the Bowen technique addresses key points in the body to stimulate energy flow, which encourages the body to tap into its natural healing potential. Described as a soft tissue therapeutic technique, it involves a practitioner using a gentle rolling motion with light touches to boost and rebalance the body after experiencing a trauma, such as an accident or sporting injury.

Muscular skeletal problems, such as back or neck pain, account for the majority of Bowen clients, but the technique has been widely used for asthma, migraines, infertility and reproductive problems too.

Patrick Matthews is the only accredited Bowtech practitioner operating in Portugal and has been in the Algarve for four years.

Vila do Bispo resident, James Dewhurst, picked up a serious knee cartilage injury playing football. He tried every type of medical treatment, including strong nerve tablets prescribed by doctors, but nothing was relieving his pain. After hearing about the Bowen technique he went to see Patrick and, after one session, was cured and surfing within days, without experiencing any pain.

Body boarder and fitness enthusiast, João Costa, had suffered a serious lower back injury. With doctors in the Portuguese health service unable to find any cure or aid for his pain, João went to see Patrick, was cured and started to run again after only two sessions.


“Psychological and physical relief was incredible. After two sessions my whole body was functioning on a higher level and felt like it was on a constant high,” João said.

After suffering a serious knee injury while snowboarding in America, Bowtech practitioner Patrick was told the damage was permanent and he would not be able to walk properly on the leg again. Reluctant to go under the knife, he sought out alternative therapies and came across a Bowen centre in San Diego. After a few treatments, the swelling around Patrick’s knee had gone, the pain had reduced and the muscles realigned themselves within months. Now Patrick surfs daily and experiences no problems.

Patrick deals with over 50 clients a week between his centres in Cama da Vaca in Burgau, Barringtons at Vale do Lobo and at Dr. Patrick Vieira’s Carvoeiro clinic. Due to the great demand and interest surrounding Bowen, Patrick will soon be opening up a centre in Praia da Luz and has just been accepted to practice at the Hospital Particular do Algarve in Alvor, where he will be working with Dr. Teresa Tavira.

A typical session lasts from 15 minutes to an hour. Between each set of moves, the therapist leaves the room for a few minutes to allow the client to rest. After a Bowen move, the body’s response mechanism is thrown into confusion, therefore the rest period gives the nervous system a chance to decide what action to take in response.

Once begun, this process is rapid; it is not uncommon for pain to be reduced or resolved in two or three treatments.

For more information contact Patrick Matthews on 914 067 285 or visit