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The Mayor of Lexington Avenue

By: Linda Taylor-Gonçalves

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If these two books are not for you, how about a courtroom drama? James Sheehan is a practicing trial attorney and has just had his first novel released in paperback.

The Mayor of Lexington Avenue is set in a small town in Florida: a place where police corruption has become an art form, a place where favours are traded at the expense of truth and a place where a terrifying miscarriage of justice is about to unfold. When a young man is railroaded into a murder conviction, trial lawyer Jack Tobin resolves to pay back a debt to his best friend, the boy who once dubbed him ‘the Mayor of Lexington Avenue’.

Heartbreak, tragedy, courtroom drama and the hope of redemption play out in this utterly page-turning, thought-provoking legal thriller. Likened by some critics, perhaps inevitably, to John Grisham, Sheehan has written a book full of rich characters that is a powerful polemic against the American legal system and above all against the death penalty.

Available in paperback at 11 euros