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The magic of speed returns to Arade

The Arade River, in Portimão, is once again hosting the Portugal Grand Prix/Algarve Formula One Powerboat World Championship this weekend (May 27 and 28), as well as the European and World Championships in Jet Ski and Water Scooters between May 31 and June 4.

For the eighth year running, a total of 22 contestants from 10 countries will be competing in the Grand Prix, at speeds of up to 200kph on the waters of the River Arade. The only Portuguese competitor, Duarte Benavente, from Vila Fresca de Azeitão, will be building on his previous career success, where he won the World Championship in F4 in 1998 and, a year later, the European Championship in F2. He has finally reached the highest level in the sport and will be racing to prove he belongs in Formula One!

The competitions are being held in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, which, in many ways, is why the location for this event has always remained the same. This was reiterated by the race director, Luís Miguel Ribeiro: “The location in itself is maybe one of the best on the world championship circuit of F1.”

The President of the Federação Portuguesa de Motonáutica, Mário Gonzaga Ribeiro, a former driver in the sport, also praised Portimão as an “excellent” locality for the races, and emphasised his satisfaction that the local authority is still holding the European and World Championships in Jet Ski and Water Scooters.

The championships circuit is similar to those of previous years, where the powerboats, similar to catamarans, will be travelling at frighteningly high speeds, many with 350 horsepower engines, which can go from zero to 100kph in 3.5 seconds!

The race represents a global cost in the order of 450,000 euros. The event will be transmitted live by numerous television channels and, in Portugal, it can be seen on RTP. Portimão Câmara is proud to see “the magic of speed returning to River Arade” and organisers hope to receive thousands of visitors. Entrance is free and the events will be even more successful and exciting than previous years.