The luxurious D João V’s reign

A talk on D. João V (1706-1750) by Algarve historian Peter Kingdon Booker will take place on April 26 in the Lagoa Library at 6pm and on April 29 in the Tavira Library at 11am.

D. João’s kingdom benefitted from the Brazilian gold rush and later from the discovery of diamonds, also in Brazil. Portugal owes to him the legacy of so many beautiful baroque buildings, including the enormous Mafra Palace, the stunningly beautiful Joanine library in Coimbra and the aqueduct in Lisbon, which was strong enough to survive the earthquake.

Many towns and cities in Brazil originated during his reign, and he was responsible for fixing the present borders of that country.

D João’s personal life was not without interest since he had a predilection for nuns.

Peter Booker examines the highlights of his reign and the benefits to Portugal of such a windfall in wealth.

There is no entry fee for Algarve History Association talks, although monetary contributions to support the association are welcome.

lynnebooker @sapo.pt | www.algarvehistoryassociation.com

Photo: The Mafra Palace