The lure of literature

news: The lure of literature

Continuing our feature on excellent service providers in the Algarve, we focus on Tavira. Liz and Earl Beaupied opened A Lura dos Livros almost one year ago and have been enjoying the peaceful life of Tavira ever since.

Originally from Washington State, Earl is an emergency physician with a practice in Seattle and Liz, a book-lover, was a full-time housewife. “We had always wanted to retire to somewhere quiet and picturesque,” explains Liz. “And then, after a brief visit, we fell utterly in love with Tavira and started to learn the language, eager to crack on with our plans to move to a quiet area.”

That was in 1998 and, for a number of years, the Beaupieds lived in a townhouse in the centre of Tavira, with their children in attendance at the local school, before moving out of town to refurbish the building and turn it into a book store.

“It took two years to re-do the house,” comments Liz, “and during that time, I occupied my time by persistently purchasing books – all different kinds.” Indeed, from glancing the shelves of the store, it is clear that they are well stocked with a variety of books in many different European languages. “The only books we do not stock are self-help books or D.I.Y based ones, aside from that I think we just about cover all genres.”

But Liz was unprepared for one aspect of life in her new home town. “When we first moved here, I was surprised at how many English and English speaking residents there were in Tavira,” explains Liz. “This has meant that we can boast a huge diversity of customers, which then, in turn, means we have the opportunity to constantly broaden the selection of books in stock. The more varied our clientele is, the more diverse are the books we can offer.”

Among the many clients that regularly visit A Lura dos Livros are students. “There are many students living in and around Tavira,” she explains, “And there is a shortage of unique books for them to buy. I really enjoy having students in and seeing what books they buy – everything from Philosophy to History.” According to Liz, unique services are what Tavira lacks. “I would like to see more unusual businesses, not just in Tavira, but in the Algarve on the whole,” comments Liz. “Obviously, tourism plays a huge part in the businesses in the Algarve, but I think it would be interesting to have some other non-tourist based, offering more unique and individual services. I hope that, as a business, that is what we are achieving at A Lura dos Livros.”

Situated on Rua Poeta Emiliano da Costa, A Lura dos Livros is a bookshop catering for a variety of readers. Any book you need, Liz promises to do her upmost to find it.

• For any more information about A Lura dos Livros, call Liz on 281 323 199.