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The Lizard Cage

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The Lizard Cage

by Karen Connelly

This book concerns political prisoners in Burma. Teza once electrified the people of Burma with his protest songs against the dictatorship. Arrested by the Burmese secret police in the days of mass protest, he is seven years into a 20 year sentence in solitary confinement, cut off from his family and contact with other prisoners in the jail they call ‘the cage’. Enduring the harsh conditions with resourcefulness, Buddhist patience and humour, Teza has a profound influence on the world of the cage. The government is keen to use Teza as an example to deter opposition – which means keeping him alive – just. Denied any contact with the outside world, forbidden any reading or writing material, beaten by interrogators and jailers, physically weak and malnourished, how can he both retain his humanity and continue his resistance?

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