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The licensing of Robert Kelly

As Commissary of the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, Father Haynes, Senior Chaplain of St. Vincent’s Anglican Church, together with Chaplain Bob Bates, undertook the licensing of Robert Kelly into the office of Lay Reader in the Diocese of Gibraltar and of this Parish on July 3.

Based at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, Praia de Luz, Reader Bob promised to work for the good of the Church, and the spiritual welfare of all people, to promote peace and unity and to give due obedience to the Minister in whose cure he may serve.

In other words, he affirmed his faith in the Holy Scriptures and the catholic creeds of the Church of England while supporting his Chaplain in every way that is lawful and honest.

The congregation affirmed that they would work closely with, and encourage, their new Lay Reader, pray for him and give him their full cooperation.

The service was followed by a buffet and wine party at the home of Churchwarden Joyce Daffy.

Margaret Brown