Lara Costa, Sonya Namik, Karen Barroso and Tracey Christiansen

The ladies of “Ladies’ Day” by The Algarveans

With curtain up in only a few weeks on The Algarveans’ next production, we turn the spotlight on the ladies of “Ladies’ Day”.

The comedy by Amanda Whittington is about four lasses from Hull who take a trip to Royal Ascot (when in York). Focusing on the friendship between the four distinctly different women, the play has proved hugely popular in the UK. The fish-filleting foursome, Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda, are played by old and new members of the theatre group, but all our ladies have trodden the boards at some stage.

Tracey Christiansen, taking the role of Pearl, relocated to the Algarve last year after a decade working as a freelance writer in Sweden. Delighted to find a thriving theatre group, she is now enjoying her third production with The Algarveans while hoping to be discovered as the next Helen Mirren.

Wannabe celebrity Shelley is played by another newcomer Sonya Namik who came to Portugal in 2014. Sonya knows more about horses than the character she portrays as her occupation is training horses for dressage competitions. She auditioned for the part keen to return to theatre, having enjoyed drama at school. Both Tracey and Sonya praise the group for being so welcoming to new members.

Karen Barroso, portraying single mum Jan, came to Portugal nearly 30 years ago on a work contract as a professional dancer. She’s been indispensable to The Algarveans as a choreographer and performer ever since in nearly twenty productions.

As has another long-serving member, Lara Costa, playing Linda, who has taken a variety of roles over the last two decades, although she may be best recognised from pantos as one half of a comedy duo with mother Gloria. Look out for Gloria Costa, too, in “Ladies’ Day” in a fleeting cameo appearance.

Taking the reins as first-time director is Angela Theobold, known to audiences as Geraldine Granger in last year’s hugely popular “The Vicar of Dibley”. Angela has a long résumé of stage credits to her name and promises another hit show despite the fact she’s not appearing on stage.

“Ladies’ Day” is playing at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium in Lagoa from March 21- 23. Tickets costing €12 can be booked by email at [email protected] or by phone: 913 745 261

Article submitted by The Algarveans

Lara Costa, Sonya Namik, Karen Barroso and Tracey Christiansen
Director Angela Theobold with Barry and Pearl played by Paul Kloegman and Tracey Christiansen
“Linda, Shelley, Jan and Pearl”