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The Kaiser Cure


Dear Reader,

I AM a medical doctor. Do you know who I learn from? I learn from children. Children smile and laugh 400 times a day, adults only 16 times. Children walk 10km per day, adults on average only one. Children dream and imagine; adults worry.

I recommend my patients keep their blood pressure in good order and that they watch their diet and cholesterol, but my most important and best advice is that they revive the child in themselves. The best medicine is to go back to the state where we still believed and dreamed, smiled and ran like children do.

As promised, we are going to start today with the Kaiser Cure.

I will coach you for the next 11 weeks leading up to Christmas with the goal being to reach Christmas Day happier, slimmer and healthier.

The Resident will publish five “coaching articles” between now and Christmas and you have the opportunity to e-mail me. I will also, in co-operation with my personal trainers and other health, wellness and fitness professionals, give you the opportunity to practice and train every day of the week for individual goals.

The list of sessions available and full details will be published in the next issue of The Resident.

Alternatively, you can also call my secretaries Julie and Stefanie, who will send you the list via fax or e-mail (289 398 009).

The programme starts here

Write a short, brutally honest lifestyle diary about:

• How you have felt.

• What you have done – exercise.

• What you have eaten.

• How you have slept and what you have dreamt about.

Establish a realistic goal you want to achieve by Christmas 2006. Be realistic – it is better to set the goalpost low so that you can be sure you can reach that high. Don’t frustrate yourself with expectations that are too high.

Once you know what you want to achieve, think about that goal and describe it in very precise detail. Only if you know exactly what you want can you find exactly what you are looking for.

I would suggest that the first two points on your wish list should be to smile more and laugh loudly several times a day. My next suggestion would be to try to find new, good, funny, interesting and positive things and also to surround yourself with people with such qualities. Rediscover the child in yourself, be curious and imaginative. Lie outside at night and admire that beautiful starry sky. Stroll around in Faro on a Thursday night after midnight when all the students from the University go out – be a student of life again.

The other goals could be health related, like losing one stone in weight or cutting down on smoking.

Once you know exactly what you want, I would like you to visualise yourself in the state you want to be this Christmas. Imagine yourself in that new black dress, looking stunning because you are six kg lighter, or visualise yourself happily chewing carrots while everybody is overeating at the dinner table.

Play your favourite calm music during your visualisation sessions. You need around 10 minutes twice a day and a comfortable chair or sofa. If you are able to perform a relaxation technique that brings you to the “alpha state”, practice it at the beginning of your visualisations.

Here are two initial tasks:

• Write your lifestyle diary.

• Discover the child in you and visualise how you have reached you goals.

Next week I will publish the list of activities you can do with the Kaiser Cure team.

I am looking forward to the next 11 weeks with you.

Don’t forget: smile, dream and run!


Dr Thomas Kaiser

Dr Thomas Kaiser is a General Practitioner and specialist in Family, Preventive and Cosmetic Medicine. He is the director of the Vale do Lobo Miedical Centre (289 398 009) and partner of Dr Robin Thomson in the Family Medical Centre, Almancil. E-mail [email protected]