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The Kabul Beauty School


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The Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez is out in paperback at 12 euros.

This is a remarkable story of an extraordinary community of women who came together and learnt the arts of perms, friendship, and freedom.

Arriving in Afghanistan in 2002 with nothing more than a beauty degree and a desire to help, Deborah Rodriguez set out on a course of action that would change her life and those of many Afghan women.

The beauty school tradition was destroyed by the Taliban and with it the ability of women to support themselves. As one of the founders of the Kabul Beauty School, Deborah set about training women and helping them rebuild their lives.

Deborah Rodriguez first went to Kabul as part of a Christian aid mission, but didn’t feel that she was contributing enough.

As she was raised in her mother’s beauty salon, she put her skills to work to give practical, long-term help to many women and some of their stories are told in this inspiring book.