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The Intruders


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The Intruders by Michael Marshall is out in paperback at 10.50 euros.

This is a stunning new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Straw Men.

When ex-LAPD patrol cop Jack Whalen’s wife goes missing on a routine business trip to Seattle, his world is shaken.

Jack sets out to search for her, only to discover that there is something far more mysterious going on than her disappearance.

Meanwhile, a 10-year-old girl vanishes from a beach in Oregon after an encounter with a sinister stranger.

It gradually becomes clear, however, that she’s very far from defenceless.

Searching for answers in the shadowy secrets of a past that still haunts him, Jack discovers that the truth has roots deeper and darker than he ever feared.

Bestseller Marshall outdoes his own high standards with this potent blend of suspense, paranoia and just plain creepiness.