Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório
Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório,Silves

The Internet of Things – new show by David Butler-Cole

The show takes place at Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório in Silves next month

We all have problems understanding the internet itself. Add artificial intelligence, robots and computer clouds into the mix and most of us just switch off. This is why you must go to see the ‘Internet of Things’, which takes a light-hearted look at cyberspace, at the Silves’ Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório next month.

In a series of sketches and songs, you will find out just how complicated life has become since we embraced modern digital technology.


The Internet of Things-Poster NEW

You will find out the pitfalls when choosing a new password, ordering a pizza online and dangers that lurk in the computer cloud. What would you do if your car got lost in an AI car wash? Would you allow a robot to assist you drive your car? When a simple mobile phone can’t make contact urgently, what can you do to avoid chaos?

David Butler-Cole is responsible for bringing to your attention exactly what can go wrong when you switch on an app, a new programme or a labour-saving device. AI cannot be trusted, beware of letting the genie out the bottle. “We guarantee this hilarious look at modern life will put a smile on your face. Just the evening to banish the winter blues,” said David.

The show has the support of The Algarveans Amateur Theatre Group and is in aid of the Silves Castelo de Sonhos charity and the Portimão Soup Kitchen. It will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 3 and 4, starting at 7.30pm, but arrive at 7pm for a pre-show drink.

Book your ticket (€15) by calling Sue on 933 374 865 or send her an email at [email protected]