The Institution and Licensing of The Senior Chaplain

news: The Institution and Licensing of The Senior Chaplain

On Tuesday, February 5 at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, Praia da Luz, in the presence of The Venerable David Sutch TD Archdeacon of Gibraltar, Chaplain Bob Bates, Father John Lake Wilson and Readers from east and west together with their Senior Wardens celebrated the Institution and Licensing of The Reverend Lars Nowen.

As the choir and full congregation sang the first hymn, the Ordinand, Priests and Readers processed up the aisle fully robed in white to stand in front of the people, their Wardens moving to one side.

After greeting us, The Archdeacon began the service of Holy Communion. The well-loved words committed us to both the seriousness and joy of the ceremony unfolding in that small place, the Rev. David in his sermon pointing us firmly toward a new beginning “and not to look back”.

As we sang the words of a hymn by Charles Wesley, the Rite of Institution began, first by asking the Body of the Church to accept and sustain our new priest and Claire his wife, to which all replied “We will”.

There followed a Declaration of Assent by the Archdeacon and an oath by Rev. Lars of Canonical Obedience. Moving to the waters of the Font, the Ordinand swore in the strength of God, faithfully to carry out the duties laid upon him. The members of the Chaplaincy also agreed to support their Minister in his mission and to live according to the Church’s faith.

After further commitments by the Rev. Lars and his new congregation, finally the Licensing took place and the Liturgy of the Sacrament continued through to the final blessing.

Once outside in the warm sun surrounded by happy people, there was a feeling of renewal, hope and gratitude for our new incumbent and his wife. May we go forward together, practicing that which we have promised before God. Margaret Brown