The importance of working together to stop animal abuse

A seminar with keynote speakers working in the fight against animal cruelty in the Algarve is taking place on April 13 at the Portimão Tempo Theatre from 3pm to 7pm. Organiser Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) hopes the event will “encourage those involved in animal welfare throughout the region to work together and alongside government entities in a more effective and efficient way”.

David Thomas, president of SCP, says: “There is a need for greater coordination and collaboration, judging by the overwhelming feedback received from both government and non-government entities involved in dealing with animals.

“Working together would result in greater benefits not only in addressing the issues of animal cruelty, but also in streamlining procedures, the sharing of good practices and even issues such as funding,” he said, adding that this approach could particularly benefit smaller enterprises, “who are doing great work, but are seriously constrained by lack of resources”.

He feels it is important that all involved in animal welfare causes, including vets, private kennels and volunteers assisting in re-homing initiatives and pet rescue, take this opportunity to attend the event. “The aim is to arrive at decisions at the seminar that could help shape the future,” said David Thomas.

Subjects to be covered include the work of the GNR SEPNA and PSP concerning the rescue of animals and enforcement of laws, responsibilities and procedures of the DGAV Faro (Directorate General of Food and Veterinary Services), animal welfare in Monchique, the workings of a municipal kennel, the work of an animal rescue volunteer, the equine perspective and dealing with horses.

The event will be opened by Isilda Gomes (Portimão mayoress), Kirsty Hayes (Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal), Rui André (Deputy President of the Algarve boroughs association – AMAL), Cristovão Norte (PSD Algarve MP) and David Thomas (President of Safe Communities Portugal).

Presenters are: Cristina Ferradeira (DGAV); Tenente Pedro Fernandes, Adjunto do Comandante do Destacamento Territorial de Silves GNR; Subcomissário Pedro Miguel Melo Leal and Subcomissário Fernando Miguel Duarte (PSP); Dr. Ana Silva, Municipal Vet Monchique; Dr. Osvaldo Mateus, Municipal Vet Portimão; Maria Pinto Teixeira, president of Animais de Rua Association; Angela Morado, animal rescue volunteer; and Beverley Gibbons, Pinetrees Riding Centre.

Reservations are essential.
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|| Seminar
Prevent Animal Cruelty
Teatro TEMPO, Portimão
April 13 – 3pm-7pm