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The importance of training

By Pedro Neto [email protected]

Pedro Neto is a Senior Manager of the Moneris Group with offices in Almancil and Albufeira

Do you think employee training is irrelevant to your business? Let me ask you something: would you take a flight without a “trained pilot”? Of course not.

Training is a way of life for professionals and trades people. It is not a minor chore you can avoid; it’s essential to the success and development of your business.

Training provides your company and your employees with the knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour that are required to carry out professional duties in any branch of an economic activity.

Surely you know that untrained employees cost you more than their wages. They can cost you customers and they can cause you profit losses.

And what excuses do you have? You are too busy? Your employees are not interested?

Under the Portuguese law, none of these excuses are acceptable. The new Labour Code, in article 125, started to contemplate the obligation of professional training for all the employees.

The Law says that the company has to provide each employee a minimum of 35 hours of annual certified training. Those who do not comply with the Law and do not guarantee a continuous training plan for all the workers will be penalised.

The accomplishment of this can be achieved through training courses provided by the employer or a Certified Training Entity, where each year 10% of workers must be covered by this training, based on an annual training plan, through the respective diagnosis of skills needed by the workers.

In addition to avoiding a penalty, let me name some of the major benefits of training programmes for your employees:

• Knowledgeable employees make fewer mistakes

• Training programmes demonstrate that if you are interested in your employees’ professional development or skill enhancement, they reciprocate with loyalty

• Training makes your employees feel that they are part of your company’s family

• Training helps to create a great place to work and results in fewer wage demands, less absenteeism, and a longer list of job applicants

• Training creates a knowledgeable workforce – a resource for promotion and productivity

In fact, the training investment that meets the real needs of the company has great benefits in increasing productivity, reducing employee turnover, increasing efficiency resulting in financial gains and decreasing the need for supervision.

For this reasons, the Moneris Group has strengthened its commitment and competence in the area of training, either for their employees or the needs of its clients, by creating the Moneris Academy.

Moneris is certifying the academy in order to offer a training service with all the tools and skills that are necessary for a company to obtain the best results from its employees.

That way, the Moneris Academy aims to increase partnerships with enterprises, contributing to the improvement of their employees’ skills and raising the competitiveness of

its customers.

Article written by Pedro Neto, Senior Manager of Moneris Group [email protected]